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Absolute Access to the entire convention (including Awards) ₹ 10,000+taxes (GST)
Conference only Access to 2-day conference (not including Awards) ₹ 7,000+taxes (GST)
Day-1 only Access to Day-1 conference (including Awards) ₹ 8,000+taxes(GST)
Day-1 conference only Access to Day-1 conference (not including Awards) ₹ 5,000+taxes(GST)
Day-2 only Access to Day-2 conference ₹ 5,000+taxes (GST)

Do visit the Digipub Exhibition. Access is free.
Note: For group bookings call Isha Dara: +91-97110-84406 or Surabhi Pandey: +91-95820-04453 or Sudipto Adhicary: +91-95829-38291

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